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    • Phone number: 01-5242101
    • Email:
    • Address: Main St, Dundrum, Dublin,  Ireland.                                    


Located just off of the main street of Dundrum, Just behind the Holy Cross church.

Get Here By

Four bus routes are in close proximity to Dundrum village.

From Dundrum main street:

175 – This bus goes from UCD to City West.  Stops at Dundrum Church next to the rink.

14 – This bus goes from Maryfield Drive to Dundrum luas green line. Stops at Dundrum Church next to the rink.

75 – This bus goes from The square Tallaght to Dun Láoghaire. Stops at Dundrum Church next to the rink.

44 – This bus goes from Enniskerry to DCU. Stops at Dundrum Church next to the rink. 

    • Link to Dublin Bus here
    •  Link to TFI here

Taxi can come directly into Church Square Car park with a drop off outside the rink entrance.

The taxi should be directed to Dundrum Mainstreet and they can either come directly into the church square car park or be dropped off on the Mainstreet with the rink located on your Left-hand side just after the Church.

link to the FREE NOW APP here.

The green line is well connected to Dundrum. The Green Luas is travelling between Broombridge to Brides Glen. 

  • Get off at Dundrum, or Balally,
  • Walk 5 min,
  • arrive at Dundrum On Ice. 
  • Link to Green Luas here 


Dundrum Village is bike-friendly,  also Dundrum Village has plenty of footpaths and there are many places to lock your bike. 

it is an eco-friendly way to travel and get to us.✌️🌏



Parking is available in Dundrum Shopping Centre (2400 parking spaces) available 24 hours a day. Also, parking is available at Dundrum Village Shopping Centre, and limited parking is available in the Church Square car park. 

Please note, there are a limited number of spaces available and different tariffs apply.